Oracle Java

Quid pro quo, dear Java user …

This is not just another article around Oracle Java . Well … not entirely. It should be well known by now that Oracle has introduced subscription licenses for commercial use of recent Java releases as of April 2019. Oracle Java is quickly becoming a popular agenda topic for IT leadership across many organizations. The main discussion today is in regards to license compliance and whether to fight back or embrace the presence of the newest licensable Oracle Java versions within IT environments.


In our article, we start by acknowledging the importance of license compliance and the related topic of software (cost) optimization. However, our main objective is to broaden leaderships’ view to consider the role of cyber-security as it relates to Oracle Java. This article provides insight on:

  • The Java-embedded world within a company's IT ecosystem

  • The relationship between license management and cyber security

  • The different ‘vulnerabilities’ levels associated with a sample set of old and new Java versions

  • Proposed next steps on how to get a grip on Java

  • A forecast on what what lies ahead


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