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Our Mission

To be your trusted advisor, enabling smarter IT decisions.

We differentiate ourselves by what we do and what we stand for. At Leadout, we decided at the outset to never compromise our advice and to remain fully independent in order to support our client’s best interests.

Our Vision

To help clients maximize their IT investments and minimize the associated risks, through data-driven insights and advice.

We differentiate ourselves by what we do and what we stand for: an approach which is tool and vendor agnostic, which adds value by continuous remediation training and support.

Get inspired by some of our explanatory use case.

Get inspired by some of our explanatory use case.

We live by a unique set of values that fuel our long-term partnership with clients


  • You show us what you’ve got and we work together to tackle identified challenges and realize success.
  • We partner with you at the frontlines to build a compelling case and showcase value.


  • We work entirely independent of any IT vendor, which means we support your best interests without a hidden agenda.
  • We support you in upholding your IT contractual obligations.
  • We do the right thing, no matter who is watching.


  • We value transparency and efficiency when working with you to deliver high-impact, long-lasting value.
  • We dig deep into your context to identify root causes in order to provide effective solutions.


  • We listen to you attentively and incorporate all organizationally related aspects into our solutions.
  • We care about your long-term business value.


  • We leverage your data and business context to deliver solutions customized to your organization.


  • We connect you with our network of specialists to provide key insights and best-in-class approaches.
  • We help you (re)negotiate deals with your software vendors and defend your positions both internally and externally to generate maximum value for your organization.

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