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The story behind our name

The inspiration for our company name stems from professional cycling.

A leadout is a sprinting technique usually applied towards the end of a race, where a team’s most explosive racer is drafting directly behind a formation of teammates who accelerate close to maximum speed while protecting their sprinter from the wind.

If executed well, this maneuver allows the lead sprinter to save energy right until the last moment, when it’s his or her turn to break away from the formation in the final few hundred meters of the race and bring home the trophy.

The leadout is a suitable metaphor for our role in your IT and SAM strategy. We guide you and help you save your business’ precious resources – leaving you time to focus on what matters most. We position your business for success.

A word from one of our co-founders


There is more to Leadout than meets the eye. Allow me to explain…

On an operational level, some organizations define themselves by what they are and what their role is in a provider/client relationship. We prefer to define ourselves by the value we add to our customers.

Boiled down to the essence, IT asset management revolves around optimizing IT assets and protecting your software interests, in order to cut costs, create visibility, mitigate risks, and work towards a healthy IT ecosystem.

While there are many qualified providers eager to serve the IT asset management market, there is often a major flaw in their approach. IT and software asset management consulting groups are often vendor-dependent. Either they focus their solution-building on particular software providers, or they are tied to vendors through licensing agreements and preferred partnerships. We knew we could do better for our clients and improve the IT asset management market that traditionally has been vendor-dependent and intertwined with interests from different parties.

While perfectly understandable, vendor dependency is suboptimal for clients. As a client, you pay for the best advice and strategy, without compromises. You want to hire an organization that has your best interest at heart, and not their own partnerships.

That’s why we built the leading IT asset management consulting and advisory team, founded on the cornerstone of independence. Over the years, we’ve expanded the core expertise of our co-founders with some incredibly bright minds that complement each other’s skills and views.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at what our clients have to say about us.

Nick Op De Beeck,

Leadout co-founder